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Washington – Very Bad Week: Airline Disasters Come In A Cluster

Washington — Nearly 300 passengers perish when their plane is shot out of the sky. Airlines suspend flights to Israel’s largest airport after rocket attacks. An airliner crashes during a storm, and yet another disappears. Aviation has suffered one of its worst weeks in memory, a cluster of disasters spanning three continents. Industry analysts and [...]

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Ankara – Israeli Transportation Ministry Initiates Operation To Retrieve Israelis Stranded In Turkey

Ankara — The Transportation Ministry initiated on Thursday night an operation to retrieve Israelis stranded in Turkey due to airline bans on travel to Ben-Gurion Airport. El Al, in cooperation with the ministry, was set to send planes to Athens while a Turkish carrier was due to bring Israelis to the Greek capital where they [...]

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Golani Battalion Commander Seriously Wounded in Shajaia

Lt.-Colonel Shai Siman Tov sustained serious injuries in Gaza on Thursday, 26 Tammuz, when a terrorist tunnel collapsed. He is the commander of the Golani Brigade 12th Battalion. Details of the incident are not being released, only that a wall of the tunnel collapsed. The Golani Brigade has sustained the most fatalities and injuries in […]
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Eleph L’Mateh Spreadsheet to Daven for Israeli Soldiers

Click here for the recommended Tehillim to say for IDF soldiers. Please alert friends, especially those who can add names. Click Here for Eleph L’Mateh Spreadsheet to Daven for Israeli Soldiers. Be sure that after you choose a line to double click before you type in your initials or a name If you are having […]
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Mounting Israeli & PA Arab Violence During the Night

Amid increasing calls for a ‘Day of Rage’ Israeli Arabs in Jerusalem’s Old City and at the Kalandia Checkpoint were out in the streets during the night in protest. Kalandia is the northern Jerusalem checkpoint, bordering PA (Palestinian Authority) controlled el-Bireh, with the latter bordering Ramallah. Thousands of PA residents were out in the streets […]
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Jerusalem – Analysis: Stage Three Looms Of Operation Protective Edge

Jerusalem — From the moment it was launched, Operation Protective Edge has been a gradual effort, designed to extinguish Palestinian mass rocket attacks through a carefully planned deterioration of Hamas’s strategic position. The first phase – intensive air strikes on rocket launchers, weapons-production centers and command-and-control centers – was followed by the second stage, the [...]

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Analysis: Stage three looms of Operation Protective Edge

Following the entry of ground forces, next up in the IDF’s campaign in Gaza, if the military should launch it, will be the systematic destruction of Hamas’s military assets across the Strip.
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New York – Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Reaching NY

New York — The New York Immigration Coalition says close to 3,300 unaccompanied immigrant children have arrived in New York since January, with almost 7,000 more expected to reach the state in coming months. Camille Mackler, director of legal services for the advocacy group, says most are fleeing gang violence in Honduras, El Salvador and [...]

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Cairo – In Gaza War, Egypt Taking Hard Line Over Border

Cairo — In the Gaza war now in its third bloody week, Hamas’ battle isn’t only with Israel, even though that’s the country it is firing rockets at. The militant group that rules Gaza is demanding Egypt open its border with the tiny, blockaded strip of territory. Even as it presents itself as a mediator [...]

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IDF Troops Foil Female Suicide Bombing Attack

Infantry soldiers operating in Gaza were attacked by a female suicide bomber, but neutralized the threat before she could blow herself up.

July 20. Day 3 of the ground phase of Operation Protective Edge. Approaching midnight.

Nahal Brigade troops are on the ground in Gaza to take down Hamas terror targets. In the dark, they encounter a terrorist squad and immediately engage the targets. A figure rushes out toward the Israeli soldiers. It’s a woman with a bomb strapped to her chest. The soldiers identify the threat and neutralize her before she is able to carry out her intended suicide attack.

Infantry commander briefs his troops before entering Gaza.

Infantry commander briefs his troops before entering Gaza.

Suicide attacks are not a new phenomenon in Israel’s daily struggle against the terrorist groups that seek to destroy it. Hamas is responsible for 40 percent of the suicide attacks perpetrated against Israel since the start of the Second Intifada. Hamas suicide bombers blew themselves up in cafes, restaurants, buses, schools and malls. They murdered more than 1,100 Israelis, the vast majority of whom were innocent civilians.

The IDF continues to encounter and neutralize attempted suicide attacks as it operates against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In the following video from July 21, terrorists wearing full suicide vests are seen attempting to infiltrate Israel through a tunnel from Gaza. They were disguised in full IDF uniforms.

Palestinians in Gaza are encouraged by the Hamas leadership from the top down to kill themselves in attacks that also kill Israeli civilians. Children are indoctrinated at school and summer camps with Hamas’ ideology of hate. They are taught that there is no higher value than martyrdom — no higher honor than dying while murdering Israelis.

Haniyeh Quote

Of course suicide attacks are not the only way that Hamas tries to kill Israelis. Hamas has strapped explosives to animals, not just people. Rocket fire, kidnappings, shootings, firebombs and bus bombs are just some of the other daily threats with which Israel must contend in its fight for the safety and security of its citizens. The IDF launched Operation Protective Edge to expose and destroy the terrorist infrastructure used by Hamas to kill Israelis. Our mission is to restore quiet and stability to Israel.

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