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Armrests Out: Airlines Put The Squeeze On Weight

If you thought airlines could find no new ways to squeeze more passengers into each plane, you are underestimating the resolve of the airline industry.
At this month’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, many of the 500 exhibitors were promoting new ideas to cut down on weight – to save fuel – and innovative [...]
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50,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel living in poverty, report finds

One out of every five survivors was forced to choose between food and medication during the past two years due to financial problems, Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel survey finds.
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Lakewood: Robbers Snatch Thousands at J2 Pizza

Lakewood, NJ – Now that Pesach is over, the ever-popular J2 pizza shop in Lakewood, NJ, is once again a hopping joint, as hundreds of pizza slices make their way from the hot ovens to the mouths of the store’s many patrons. The store was packed last night as hundreds enjoyed post-Pesach pizza – [...]
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Good Riddance: Anti-Semitic Mayor Resigns

The anti-Semitic mayor of Marionville, Mo., resigned Monday night after the city council voted to begin impeachment proceedings against him.
Dan Clevenger said last week that he agreed with Frazier Glenn Miller that Jews are ruining the country. Miller is the alleged murderer of three people at Jewish sites outside Kansas City as well as [...]
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‘King Of Diamonds’ Lev Leviev Wins High Court Battle Over Angola Deal

Over Pesach, Arkady Gaydamak, the wealthy father of the former Portsmouth FC owner Sacha, lost the latest stage in his $2bn High Court battle against former business partner and so-called King of Diamonds, Lev Leviev.
It is a bitter blow for the colorful tycoon.
The two millionaires have been at war for years over ownership of [...]
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Netanyahu: Abbas must choose, peace with Israel or reconciliation with Hamas

At outset of meeting with Austrian FM Sebastian Kurz in Jerusalem, PM says every time Israel and the Palestinians come close to agreeing to extend talks beyond April 29 deadline, Abbas adds new conditions.
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Forex – AUD/USD drops to 2-1/2 week lows after Australian data

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Tunisia approves entry of Israeli tourists despite opposition

Decision, announced by Tunisian Prime Minister Mahdi Jumaa causes backlash from opposition who demand hearing of tourism and interior minister, accuse PM of “normalizing ties with Israel.”
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Asian shares mixed, Shanghai Composite down after HSBC flash PMI

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Eyewitness in Ukraine: “Everyone is Expectant of Some Development; You Can Feel the Tension in the Air”

By Roman Mokrinsky
DRUZHKOVA, UKRAINE – Tensions continue to mount in eastern Ukraine, as no obtainable solution is in sight. Reports of casualties continue to stream out of the provinces in dispute, and the residents of Ukraine don’t know what new reality they may encounter on a daily basis.
Most Ukrainians talk of a link to [...]
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