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Photos: Hachnosas Sefer Torah On Sunday at Home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, L’illui Nishmas Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a”h, in Conjunction with Lev L’Achim

{ Israel/Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim}
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Knesset Member Says IDF Is Like Islamic State

Israeli Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi compared Israel Defense Forces soldiers to Islamic State terrorists on Sunday, saying that a pilot who bombs Palestinians “is no less a terrorist than someone who takes a knife and cuts off someone’s head.
“They kill one by one with their knife, and in the IDF they kill dozens [...]
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Israeli Arab Intern Joins ISIS

Medical intern Dr. Athman Abed Al-Kayan, of Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon has recently disappeared of the radar. On Sunday 25 Tishrei announcement was made by the hospital that the intern joined ISIS. Al-Kayan began his internship in February 2014 after completing medical studies in Jordan and passing Israeli certification exams. Family members report his travels […]
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Liberman calls to ban Balad, ‘a branch of Hamas in the Knesset’

MK Ghattas says that “unlike IDF, Islamic State doesn’t commit crimes against humanity,” echoing Zoabi’s statements.
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Bennett Doubles Down on Criticism of Kerry: ‘I Will Not be Silent’

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, on Sunday, reiterated and expanded criticism of remarks by American Secretary of State, John Kerry, last week, which implied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was responsible for the Islamic State terror group’s recruiting successes.
Asserting, “I will not be silent,” Bennett said in a Facebook post, that, “The notion regarding the centrality [...]
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Rabbi Chaim Amsellem Explains his Priorities Ahead of Jerusalem Election

Rabbi Chaim Amsellem Shlita, one of the candidates in the race to become the next Jerusalem Chief Sephardi Chief Rabbi explained his priorities ahead of the election. Rabbi Amsellem explains that if elected, he will work to improve religious services in the city including giyur, marriage, the local religious council, and kashrus. Rabbi Amsellem recently […]
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Body of missing Israeli woman, Michal Cherkesky, found in Nepal after 6 days

A total of seven Israelis landed in Israel in the early hours of Sunday morning from Nepal to receive continued treatment.
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Met Creates Special Website to Defend Klinghoffer #TerrorOpera

By D. Avel
The Metropolitan Opera in New York City has doubled-down on its decision to produce the anti-Semitic The Death of Klinghoffer by setting up a Klinghoffer mini-website to defend and promote the controversial show.
The website responds to the massive backlash against the opera. Its headline reads “See it. Then decide.” The page [...]
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London University Rejects Holocaust Commemoration

Students at a London university struck down a measure to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.
The Goldsmiths University Student Union voted 60:1 against a measure to hold commemorations for Holocaust Memorial Day, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and other memorial days.
The sole vote in support of the measure was brought forth by its proposer, Colin Cortbus, a [...]
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Analysis: The phenomenon of Israeli Arabs joining Islamic State

Israeli law enables the arrest of its citizens who fight in enemy territory, as well as their interrogation and indictment – but only once they return from the battlefields.
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