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Levaya for Former French Chief Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sitruk ZT’L

The levaya for former Chief Rabbi of France Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sitruk ZT”L began on Sunday night in France. The meis was flown to Israel and the levaya in Eretz Yisrael will begin at 10:00AM on Monday, 23 Elul, from the Beit Levy Shul at 48 Yosef Lachmi Street. Following hespedim, the levaya will continue […]
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New York – Ahead Of Debate, Trump Endorsed By Some Bush Alumni

New York — Dozens of former appointees of the administration of former President George W. Bush announced their support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday in a bid for party unity ahead of Trump’s first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton. The Bush family and many connected to it remain cool to Trump. Former […]

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PM Netanyahu Issues An Apology To Bereaved Families

In recent comments to the media, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave chizuk to the father of Sgt. Elor Azaria, who is in the midst of a manslaughter trial for firing at a wounded neutralized terrorist who just stabbed a fellow soldier. His remarks led some to believe that he was making a comparison between Azaria […]
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Watch: “Tekah” Performed by Uri Davidi, EvanAl & Shira Choir

Just in time for Rosh Hashana, we present to you “Tekah,” a beautiful song sung by Uri Davidi accompanied by the Shira Choir at a recent event.

Song composed by: Yossi Green
Originally sung by: Avraham Fried
Published by: Oh Yea! Music

תקע בשופר גדול לחרותנו
ושא נס לקבץ גלויותנו
וקבצנו יחד מהרה מארבע כנפות הארץ לארצנו

בעשעפער נעם אונז שוין אלע בא דער האנט,
און ברענג אונז צוזאמען אין אונזער לאנד, אהיים


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The logic of China’s Israel policy

The numerous Arab and Muslim countries that occupy vast lands and have huge populations are seen as an important market for China’s infrastructure building and industrial capacity transferring.
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New York – Clinton Says Israel’s Security Vital To The US

New York — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says a “strong and secure Israel” is vital to the United States. Her comment came after Clinton met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York City on Sunday evening. Reporters were barred from covering the meeting. Clinton’s campaign said in a statement released afterward that […]

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Gedolei Yisroel Launch Urgent Fundraising Campaign for Chinuch Atzmai Transportation Fund

A severely damaging Israeli High Court decision combined with malicious political interference from non-religious special interest groups is threatening the spiritual welfare of thousands of children in the Chinuch Atmazi network of Torah schools throughout Israel. The situation is so dire that Gedolei Yisroel on both sides of the ocean are spearheading an emergency “Transportation Fund” campaign to raise funds to plug a growing financial gap to shuttle the children to their schools.

Nearly 10 years ago, the Israeli Reform movement convinced Israel’s High Court to order a drastic cut to Chinuch Atzmai’s transportation budget. Literally overnight, Chinuch Atzmai was confronted with a multi-million dollar deficit in its budget for transportation!

Gedolei Yisroel recognized the government’s decree as a malicious attempt to thwart the successes of the burgeoning network of Torah Schools, jeopardizing the education of tens of thousands of children. An emergency meeting was held in 2006, where the gedolim launched a new initiative known as “Keren Hasa’ot – The Transportation Fund.”

During the past ten years, the fund has grown to some $17 million annually. The fund has been able to provide over 1,000 regular bus lines, transporting more than 20,000 children every single day from 215 locations across the country to more than 100 Chinuch Atzmai Torah schools.

Up until now, this enormous achievement has been funded through the determination and commitment of the fund’s presidium, namely, Harav Mordechai Karelitz, and Harav Yaakov Verzabinsky. However, with the opening of the current school year, the fund has reached a breaking point. The exponential growth of the budget and the accumulated deficit from previous years has resulted in a real and immediate threat of the bus companies terminating their contracts. Thus, it has become apparent that this staggering budget can no longer be sustained through its regular fundraising operations.

With the fate of thousands of Jewish children at stake, the gedolim in Eretz Yisroel have issued an urgent Krias Kodesh, declaring it a chov kodoshan absolute obligation – for each and every individual in Eretz Yisroel and around the world to “adopt” at least one child. The clarion call has been followed by a corresponding appeal from the gedolim in America for each and every member of the American Torah community to commit to contributing $30 per month for twelve months, to cover the transportation costs of one child.

Upon the advice of the gedolim, a new American office has been opened in Lakewood, New Jersey under the name Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel. For further information or to contribute, please contact the Keren’s offices at 732-955-3700 or email-


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Azariya On Trial For Manslaughter But When A Colonel Does It…

The defense attorney in the manslaughter trial of Sgt. Elor Azariya wishes to bring IDF Colonel Yisrael Shomer as a witness. The court on Sunday was scheduled to issue its ruling in the case. Back in July 2015, Colonel Shomer, who was serving as the Binyamin Brigade commander, came under attack with large stones. The […]
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Oak Harbor, WA – Suspect In Washington Mall Shooting Is A Turkish Immigrant; Authorities Search For Clues

Oak Harbor, WA — Investigators on Sunday tried to piece together information on the 20-year-old suspect in the deadly Washington state mall shootings who was apprehended after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. Washington State Patrol Sgt. Mark Francis said Sunday morning that authorities were searching an apartment tied to Arcan Cetin and searching his vehicle. Francis […]

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See How This Wounded Combat Soldier Can Make You Incredible Profits

Gaza 2014 After getting wounded by a large shell that penetrated his brain, an Israeli soldier named Yehuda Hayisraeli was almost pronounced dead on the scene. But after a miraculous recovery and several long years of hospitalization, Heyisraeli found himself ready to return home. All that was needed was a special room to be built in his house to complete his physical rehabilitation. The rehab room was supposed to be paid for by the Defense Ministry as is compelled by Israeli law. The only condition was that he get a building permit.

There was just one problem. He lived in a town called Ofra, a village situated in a region where the Israeli government issued a building freeze prohibiting any new building permits or additions to houses. This included the recovery room for this decorated warrior. This placed the Israeli government in an uncomfortable predicament as they are expected by their voters to look after their troops.

But while the government was busy deliberating, 89,000 patriotic Israelis stepped up and launched a crowdfunding campaign raising 1.4 Million shekels ($360,000) to build him the unit he so desperately needed to complete his recovery. The same way crowds of people spent their hard-earned cash to raise close to $1 million for a wounded soldier in only 3 weeks, so too can other crowd spending sprees trigger events that help investors better position themselves to profit. It’s actually a little-known economic theory called the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ whereby investors study the behavior of the masses hoping to make huge profits.

To understand the power of the wisdom of the crowds, one need look no further than the launch of the original iPhone. That iconic 2007 event is a perfect case study of how spending behavior of the masses can make outside observers extremely wealthy. So when 6.1 million people purchased the first iPhone within the first four days of its launch, smart investors used this consumer data to make their next move buying Apple shares like they were going out of style. This is a classic example of how traders exploit the wisdom of the crowds to profit.

And you are about to see how you can too.

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That’s because there’s another investor who used this very philosophy to make his followers a six-figure salary. He is an anonymous internet trader who goes by the alias Superman704.

So how can you use the wisdom of the crowds to turn a pile of money into a mountain of money? Easy-Superman704 allows anyone who wants to make quick cash copy his trades.

Despite the fact that he prefers not to reveal his true identity, this online trader single handedly managed to provide his followers with a daily profit average of €487.3. The mystery investor utilizes the wisdom of the crowds to make anyone who copies his trades massive profits. And because he owes his success to the crowds, he also gives back by paying it forward. He does this by allowing anyone wishing to freeload off of his ‘wisdom of the crowds’ trading strategy to make some serious profits.

Superman 704 uses a social trading network to showcase his trades. And because of the impressive profits he was generating, the network became an overnight sensation attracting massive amounts of internet traffic looking to instantly grow their wealth. His trades were so sought after and copied that it even caused the social trading network’s servers to crash twice and that’s why only a select few are currently allowed to access his highly successful trades. Luckily, I found the link to apply for entry to Superman704’s trades, Click here to apply to gain access.

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