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Israel delays vote on controversial bill

Legislation deeming Israel 'the national state of the Jewish people' has enraged the country's Palestinian minority.
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Netanyahu: Lack of Iran deal gives chance to stiffen economic sanctions

“This result is better, a lot better,” PM tells BBC, in response to news the Vienna talks were likely to break off and resume next month.
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Columnist Ben Caspi Voices an Opinion on Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky

In the Sunday Rosh Chodesh Kislev daily Maariv, columnist Ben Caspi opts to address the district court verdict against defendants in the Holyland real estate case — not the verdict of all the defendants, just former Jerusalem Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky. Following is the crux of his column. Most of the accused have appealed, including […]
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Vienna – Iran Atom Talks Misses Deadline, No New Sanctions Relief For Iran, Next Round December

Vienna — Iran and six world powers are expected to break off negotiations on Monday and meet again next month after missing a deadline to clinch a final deal to resolve their 12-year standoff over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, diplomatic sources said. Details about the resumption of negotiations were still being worked out, though one source [...]

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Netanyahu Scrambles For Compromise As Coalition Under Threat Over Nationality Bill

Trying to keep his coalition alive, a beleaguered Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu may postpone a vote scheduled for Wednesday on the so-called the nationality law, after two of the main factions of the coalition announced Sunday night that they will not support the bill.
The legislation, if passed, would result in a new basic law [...]
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What is a Jewish nation state?

The Israeli government is dropping the pretense of balancing the state's Jewish and democratic nature.
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Vote on Jewish state bill to be delayed until next week

Coalition crisis is temporarily averted as vote on bill approved by cabinet but opposed by Lapid and Livni pushed back until next Wednesday.
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Gazan Shot Dead by IDF in Restricted Border Area

In what may be the first case of a Gazan shot dead by the IDF since Operation Protective Edge, a Gazan who approached a restricted border area near Jabalya was shot by the IDF on Sunday Rosh Chodesh Kislev. According to reports from Gaza, the man was killed by the IDF gunfire. Reports indicate soldiers […]
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Congress Warns Obama It Won’t Back ‘Bad Deal’ With Iran

Congress is warning President Obama that it will reject any deal with Iran that allows Tehran to keep the capability to develop a nuclear weapon or attempts to lift sanctions without the approval of lawmakers.
The bipartisan pressure on the president is intense as negotiators race to replace a year-old interim agreement by today’s deadline.
“Congress [...]
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Cabinet Approves Plan to Ease the Integration of New Immigrants into the Labor Market

The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting on Sunday Rosh Chodesh Kislev, approved Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s and Absorption Minister Sofa Landver’s plan to ease the absorption of new immigrants in to the labor market in various professions. The steps that have been approved are part of a variety of recommendations for removing impediments to the […]
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