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Analysis: Iran’s support for Syria tested by oil price drop

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has relied on oil-producing Iran to help him fight a nearly four-year-old civil war and also prop under a currency under pressure.
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Respecting opinion of mankind

Almost a thousand Israeli personalities have already signed an appeal to European parliaments for their governments to recognize the State of Palestine.
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IDF aircraft strike Gaza following earlier rocket fire

This is the first time the IDF has struck Gaza since this summer’s conflict with Hamas. There are no reports of injuries.
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Report: IDF strikes Gaza following earlier rocket fire

This is the first time the IDF has struck Gaza since the end of Operation Protective Edge this summer.
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Hamas Reportedly Rebuilding Its Terror Tunnels And Rocket Arsenal

Hamas has reportedly renewed work on its terror tunnels, using building materials transferred from Israel for the reconstruction of Gaza following this summer’s war.
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Palestinian sources inside of Gaza said that after Israel allowed a limited flow of goods and materials into Gaza, a black market for mortar paste emerged that [...]
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Pyongyang – North Korea Denies Responsibility For Sony Cyber Attack

Pyongyang — North Korea had nothing to do with a devastating cyber attack against Sony Pictures, a North Korean U.N. diplomat said on Friday after the U.S. government blamed Pyongyang for the incident. “DPRK (North Korea) is not part of this,” a North Korean diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity. He declined to comment [...]

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A Message from the Kalever Rebbe for Chanukah 5775

Chanukah – the Light of Faith Banishes Depression
In the modern era, incidences of depression have reached epidemic proportions as many suffer from this and other similar mental illnesses. Mental health professionals assert that over the past ten years demand for anti-anxiety drugs has doubled. For some, the mental anguish is so acute that they [...]
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New York, NY – NYPD Police Officer Apparently Punches Teen In Video, Probe Underway

New York, NY — New York City police are investigating a plainclothes officer who appears to punch a teen-aged black boy during an arrest that was captured on video and widely circulated on the Internet, the department said on Friday. The posting of the footage follows days of U.S. protests over recent cases of police [...]

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Rockland County, NY – FBI Investigating ISIS Picture Sent To Chasidic Legislator

New York — The Rockland County Sheriff’s office has confirmed that the FBI is looking into a picture that was mailed to a local Chasidic legislator, showing his head superimposed on the body of a victim about to be beheaded by an ISIS terrorist. Aron Wieder was at a county legislature meeting on Monday night [...]

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Sullivan County, NY – Bloomingburg’s Dissolution Voted Down After Judge Orders All Ballots Opened And Counted

Sullivan County, NY — Over 11 weeks after an official vote was cast on the dissolution of a small Sullivan County village in an effort to prevent an influx of Chasidic Jews, the county board of elections has finally released the results of the highly contested election, ruling in favor of those who opposed dissolution. [...]

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