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Photo Essay: Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Joel Visiting The Tosh Rebbe In Kiryas Yoel (Photos by JDN)

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New York – After Fire Flop, Amazon Unveils Phones With Its Apps, Ads

New York — Amazon is back in the phone business — sort of. After its own Fire phone flopped, Amazon is selling special editions of other manufacturers’ phones at a $50 discount. They’ll come with ads on the lock screen and lots of Amazon apps on the home screen. You can hide those apps, but […]

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Urgent High Court Petition: Decision To Allocate Egalitarian Prayer Area Illegal

The battle for and against the egalitarian prayer area near the Kosel is far from over and on Wednesday, 23 Sivan, The Merkaz Liba organization along with other groups filed an urgent petition with the High Court challenging the legality of the cabinet’s decision to allocate the egalitarian prayer area. The petitioners explain that the […]
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Abortion in Israel: Why is there no public conflict?

Analysis: US-Israel on abortion – why has it played out so differently in the 2 countries? After landmark US ruling, an exploration of the Jewish state’s policies.
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Iced Coffee Thrown at Chassidishe Man on Staten Island in Hate Crime

A 23-year-old Chassidishe man walking Tuesday morning in the Willowbrook section of Staten Island had a cup of iced coffee thrown at him from a car that was occupied by a group of five men who appeared to be Arabic, reports Mark Hirshberg for JP Updates.

The incident took place at the intersection of Washington and Rupert Avenues. The victim reported to police that a car, possibly a silver four-door sedan, stopped in front of him. While one of the men threw the cup, others yelled something at him, and the victim told investigators it was possible that they yelled in Arabic but he didn’t understand what they were yelling at him, the sources said.

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force Unit is now probing this incident as a possible hate crime.


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PHOTOS/VIDEO: Historical Discovery In Lithuania – Escape Tunnel Used To Escape Nazis

[PHOTOS AND VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] The tunnel has been located through the joint efforts of the Israel Antiquities Authority, University of Hartford, Advisian, Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum & PBS Series NOVA. In an exciting new discovery using Electric Resistivity Tomography at the Ponar massacre site near Vilnius in Lithuania, the escape tunnel used […]
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Make-Or-Break Lakewood Busing Vote Thursday

A last-ditch vote on a bill that would change how transportation is funded for thousands of private school students yeshivos in Lakewood, NJ, is expected in the New Jersey Assembly on Thursday, the final day of the legislative session for this fiscal year, the Asbury Park Press reports.

The legislation, creating a three-year pilot program exclusively for Lakewood, was prompted by the school district’s cancellation of “courtesy” or nonmandated bus service for the 2016-17 school year. The cost-saving move that would leave some 7,000 private school children and 3,000 public school students in kindergarten through 12th grade without busing come September.

Public school busing at stake, too. Under an agreement brokered with Lakewood’s local officials and state legislators, if the measure passes, the Township Committee has pledged to pick up the cost of courtesy busing for public school students.

“No matter how you slice it, Lakewood is growing and there are more children entering school every year,” Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg, the head of the Igud Hamosdos, the council of local yeshiva leaders, told the Asbury Park Press in an email. “The only real issue is, do we try to solve this mess – at least for three years – or do we get into another round of putting Lakewood’s children and parents through the muddy swamp again and again and again?”

In effect, all private school students would have busing for the next three years. Public school children who don’t qualify for mandated transportation would keep their busing, too, at the township’s expense, said Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein. Read the full report at Asbury Park Press.



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Washington – Foreign Politicians To Trump: Stop ‘Begging’ For Money

Washington — Call it ‘Trexit.’ Members of the British Parliament and other foreign politicians want off Donald Trump’s email list, and are seeking to block the presidential candidate from asking them for campaign donations. “Please stop sending begging letters to MPs,” tweeted Stuart McDonald, a member of the British Parliament. “It’s pathetic.” A pair of […]

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Galei Tzahal: Rav Of The Kosel Rabbi Rabinowitz Doesn’t Have Semicha

Rav of the Kosel and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz does not have semicha according to a Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) report. The report sites that at the age of 25 he began serving as the Rav of Holy Sites and he later received responsibility for the Kosel too despite never having been tested to […]
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Should I Buy A Lottery Ticket?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky generally answers all halachic questions sent to his home. Ten years ago, his son, Rav Yitzchok Shaul, noticed that thousands of teshuvos had accumulated and asked him whether it would be worthwhile to print them. Rav Chaim agreed on condition that his answers were carefully reviewed, for there were times when his answers were tailored for a particular person at a particular time.

Many volumes of teshuvos have already been printed under the title Da’as Noteh. Recently, a volume of hilchos tefillin was printed. It deals with the entire process of producing tefillin from parchment production to the shapes of letters. At the end of the sefer appear a number of long halacha letters Rav Chaim wrote over fifty years ago to various gedolei Torah.

A yungerman who is struggling to make ends meet recently wrote to Rav Chaim:

“I am a yungerman learning in kollel and have eight children. Lately, the financial situation at home has become very strained and I feel that if there was more parnossah I would learn much better. My question is, would it be considered hishtadlus to buy a United States lottery ticket for millions of dollars? True, baderech hateva there is no way I’d win, but I’ll daven a lot to Hashem and He Who knows peoples’ hearts will see that my intent is to learn more. Perhaps this is categorized as prayer for spiritual issues which is certainly accepted. What is your opinion?”

Rav Chaim replied:

“Such a person is throwing his money away (lit. placing his money on a deer’s horn). The principle thing is to daven and if so, the effort is superfluous.”

Rav Chaim’s father, the Steipler Gaon, wrote that the chance of winning a lottery is so remote that it is not hishtadlus but aggravation.

David Steger — Israel

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