Happy New Year!

Hannukah Toilet Seat Cover

Yes, I know Chanukah is long gone, but this is funny… From HoorayHoopla.com

Hannukah Toilet Seat Cover

if you’re a good jew, you know that the letters on the israeli dreidel mean: a great miracle happened here. for your next hannukah party, bring the miracle of hannukah to your bathroom and show off a place that also has great miracles. and we all know that after eating all those latkes and jelly donuts, it’s a great miracle if you can make it on time. And in case you’re REALLY in a rush, the dreidel shape also makes a great arrow! The toilet seat lid is made from 100% cotton.

Photo: HoorayHoopla

Hummer Hanukkah Parade (2002)

What do you get when you combine Hummers and Hanukkah?

Hummer Hanukkah Parade

This is from a Chabad parade in 2002 – Shmais.com

See previous post for a Hummer Menorah.

Photo: Shmais.com

Hummer: The Menorah

Hummer Menorah / PHOTO: JUDAISM.COM
Chanukah is just about over, but you’ll enjoy this anyway:

Did you promise her a new Hummer this year? Do you know someone who loves collecting menorahs? Or model cars? How about a new menorah for your youngster? HMM! 

This funky Menorah is available at Judaism.com