Elior Chen found guilty of all charges against him

Self-styled rabbi convicted of perpetrating sadistic attacks on the children of a couple who became his followers; sentencing at later date.

‘EU says Iran agreed to renew nuke talks with West’

Catherine Ashton reportedly set to meet with Iranian negotiator next week; 260 Iranian MPs say Teheran should stand by its nuclear rights.

Staggering Picasso trove turns up in France

Over 270 unknown creations were found in the artist’s electrician’s basement; Picasso’s heirs have filed suit for illegal possession.

Int’l groups say Israel not living up to Gaza promises

Gov’t responds: The claims of the organizations, as they appear in the report, are biased and distorted and therefore mislead the public.

IDF installs new information security safeguards

Measures aim to prevent Wikileaks-type revelations; one safeguard: alarm will go off when disc-on-key inserted in IDF computer.

Yishai: Amsalem is no Amalek, ‘Yom Leyom’ will correct

“No Jew should be called Amalek; such sayings are not acceptable,” interior minister says about Shas MK.

IMF warns about deficit, home prices

“The pace of house-price inflation cannot continue without risk of broader instability,” IMF report on Israel says.

Leviathan drilling indicates natural gas

Geologist estimates Givot Olam’s Meged oil reserve contains more than 1 billion barrels of oil, worth $830 million.

Digital World: (Un)Plugging the (Wiki)leak

The news media will tell you what they think you ought to know. But Cablegate is all about power to the people.

Serbia requests extradition of Nazi in US for WWII crimes

Former Yugoslavian Peter Egner, 86, living in Seattle, Washington is accused of participating in murder of more than 17,000 Serbian civilians.