Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak Vs. Neturei Karta Wackos

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Who Would Save More Jews?

Jessi Klein has a question for you: If the Holocaust happened today, which celebrity with all their money would save more Jews?

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How-To: Boycott Israel Effectively

Great guide on how to boycott Israel. Make sure you throw out your cell phone.

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How-To: Proper Use Of Human Shields

Wow. Check out this move by an Israeli soldier when a Hamas terrorist throws a grenade at him…

Fake Hasidic Dudes Rob Diamond District

Two fake Hasidic dudes robbed the diamond district of $4 million on New Years eve.

1010 Wins reports

Police are looking for two armed robbers who disguised themselves as Hasidic Jews and stole $4 million worth of jewels from a Diamond District wholesaler on New Year’s Eve.

Does this sound like a scene from the movie Snatch?
Benicio Del Toro, Snatch, Hasidic

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UPDATE: Gothamist points us to this video from the NY POST:

Counter-Protests In LA

G-d bless these people!

Why We Like Bibi

The man just makes sense. The first clip is really funny, he has the best answer to the interviewer’s “But Hamas was democratically elected”…

Second clip: Bibi Netanyahu on why “Any decent person should back Israel.”

Let’s Play Pretend

Take a moment and watch this powerful video:

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Israel’s Iron Fist

Check out this video of some really cool new technology by Israel.

While Hamas is throwing rockets by hand, the Israeli military is unveiling high-tech weaponry like the new “Iron Fist”, capable of exploding a missile before it’s even reached its target. 

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Are You A Half Jew? Want To Join The KKK?

The Klu Klux Klan is a discriminatory organization? No way…