How-To: Proper Use Of Human Shields

Wow. Check out this move by an Israeli soldier when a Hamas terrorist throws a grenade at him…

YouTube Hearts The IDF

Last week Google removed the IDF’s videos on it’s YouTube channel, once everyone complained they put it back up with restricted access…  as of now according to the JTA, YouTube (Google) has changed it’s mind:

YouTube has restored unrestricted access to videos uploaded by the Israel Defense Forces.

Several of the videos, which were part of a public relations offensive and featured aerial footage of airstrikes on suspected Hamas targets, had been removed from the popular video sharing Web site after users flagged them as inappropriate content. For a time, several of the videos were placed behind an age-restriced firewall.

According to YouTube, which is owned by the Internet giant Google, the videos have been restored to full, unrestricted access. 

Hamas Militants & Israeli Soldiers

What’s the difference between Hamas Militants & Israeli Soldiers? This simple illustration will help you figure it out…

Palestinian, Israeli Soldiers