What Got Into Israel?

Hamas is surprised that Israel is fighting back. What, no more free rides? You mean they can’t just shoot rockets into Israel with no consequences? That’s not fair. Inhumane. Call the UN!

ArutzSheva Reports:

Hamas: We Didn’t Expect it
Two captured terrorists interviewed by Maariv/NRG say that Hamas was not expecting Israel’s response to the escalation in missile attacks on Israeli targets that preceded Operation Cast Lead. One of them, a 52-year-old victim of a premature detonation who had already done time in an Israeli jail, said, “Hamas took a gamble. We thought, at worst Israel will come and do something from the air – something superficial. They’ll come in and go out. We never thought that we would reach the point where fear will swallow the heart and the feet will want to flee. You [Israel] are fighting like you fought in ’48. What got into you all of a sudden?”

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Why Everyone Loves Iran

CNN Reports:

TEHRAN, Iran — Officials say two men in Iran have been stoned to death for adultery and murder, while another escaped death only by digging his way out of the hole where he was buried to face a similar fate, according to media reports.