High Court Backs Cheirem

Rejecting the appeals of two recalcitrant husbands placed in cheirem by the rabbinate, the High Court ruled that botei din may use the harchokos of Rabbeinu Tam to force husbands obligated to divorce their wives to comply with botei din’s decisions. The harchokos include not including husbands in a minyan, denying them aliyos and a place in shul, avoiding business dealings with them and not greeting them or giving them any form of honor.

The court noted that although botei din generally may not use sanctions beyond those allowed by the courts, the harchokos are not forced upon get refusers but rather, they are a beis din’s recommendation as to how the public should treat them.

Justice Neil Handel castigated the husbands in his ruling, writing, “The petitioners before us stretch out their hooves as pure… at the same time as they refuse to divorce their wives with intent to harm and abuse and to harass their lives.”

One appellant was the notorious Oded Gez, a physicist instructor at Tel Aviv University, who fled to Belgium to escape imprisonment. Israel is in the midst of extraditing him.

{Matzav.com Israel News}

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