Obama DHS Chief To Testify On Russian Meddling

The House Intelligence Committee will press forward with its probe into Russian election interference, The Hill reports, after weeks of the spotlight being on the parallel Senate investigation.

On Wednesday, the panel will convene an open hearing with Jeh Johnson, who led the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama administration. Johnson has already met with Senate investigators in their probe.

It was Johnson who, just weeks before former President Barack Obama left office, announced that the government was designating election infrastructure as “critical”–opening up polling places, vote tabulation locations, and technology used in elections to federal protections.

Russia’s targeting of elements of voting infrastructure has attracted renewed attention following The Intercept’s recent publication of classified NSA report detailing such efforts. Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that Russian hackers targeted voting systems in 39 states.

Also Wednesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold its own hearing on future U.S. election security, soliciting input from officials at DHS and the FBI, as well as individuals outside of the federal government.

The hearing is also part of the panel’s investigation into Russian election interference efforts. Read more at The Hill.



via Matzav.com – The Online Voice of Torah Jewry

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