New Yeshiva with Revolutionary Approach to Accommodating its Bochurim


The following is something that is truly remarkable. Please take a look!

Welcome to a revolutionary approach to the formation of a yeshiva.

Traditionally, Yeshivas are founded by a Rosh Hayeshiva with a specific vision in mind and then Bochurim are added to that equation. Now for the first time, a brand new first-of-it’s-kind Yeshiva is opening its doors with a revolutionary approach to accommodating its Bochurim in every way — this Yeshiva has been founded BY the Bochurim, as a clear alternative going forward.

A group of Bochurim have approached a generous donor  who B”H has agreed to back the following setup in full:

A group of Bochurim who want high-level learning and guidance in many different areas have recruited top Rabbeim to accommodate every spiritual and practical need without concern for any other factor other than each individual Bochur’s wellbeing. There will be unlimited Yungeleit and Madrichim, established Magidei Shir plus any other assets to ensure each Bochur sees the growth he wants out of his time in the Yeshiva.

Hagoan Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita, Hagoan Harav Elya Brudny Shlita and many others are actively involved in ensuring the success of this novel concept and passionately support its formation.

Spots are limited. Based in Lakewood. Opening for Elul. Ages 19-24. This is an alternative to Eretz Yisroel, BMG etc.

All questions, comments and how to apply please reach out to us at 732-551-7180. Looking forward to bringing you on board.


via – The Online Voice of Torah Jewry

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