List Of Open Orthodox Congregations That Are OU Member Shuls

YCT and Yeshiva Maharat graduates serving in OU Member Congregations


Rabbi Nissin Antine Beth Sholom Congregation and Talmud Torah — Potomac, MD           
Maharat Dasi Fruchter Beth Sholom Congregation and Talmud Torah — Potomac, MD           
Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman Ohev Sholom: The National Synagogue – Washington, D.C. –           
Morateinu Allissa Thomas Newborn Bnai David Judea (Los Angeles)
Rabbi Aviad Bodner Stanton Street Shul (Lower East Side)
Rabbi David Wolkenfeld Anshei Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation — Chicago, IL      
Rabbi Saul Strosberg Cong. Sherith Israel  — Nashville, TN           
Rabbi Jason Herman West Side Jewish Center — Cong. Beth Israel — Manhattan           
Rabbi Steven Exler Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
Rabba Sara Hurwitz Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
Rabbi Avi Weiss Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
Rabba Anata Sharbat Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
Rabbi Uri Topolsky Beth Joshua Congregation — Rockville, MD           
Rabbi Gabe Greenberg Congregation Beth Israel (New Orleans)
Rabbi Akiva Weiss OU-JLIC campus rabbi Binghamton, NY.
Victoria Sutton Beth Israel Berkley
Daniel Millner Tiferet Israel, Austin
Zachary Truboff Cedar Sinai, Cleveland
Max Davis Darchei Noam, Minneapolis
Josh Pernick Shaarey Tphiloh, Springfield, MA


Members of YCT’s advisory board serving in OU shuls


Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld (honorary graduate YCT) Ohev Sholom: The National Synagogue – Washington, D.C. –           
Rabbi Ben Greenfield Bais Abraham (St. Louis, Missouri)
Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky Bnai David Judea (Los Angeles)
Etan Mintz Bnai Israel in Baltimore


YCT President Rabbi Asher Loaptin:


Rabbi Avi Weiss on Shalom TV (2016):


The list goes on.  The previous rabbi in Potomac was the president of the Rabbinical council of America, it is an OU synagogue.  It is a 500 member synagogue Beth Shalom.  In Potomac is Rabbi Nissan Antine.  That’s my response.


From a Jewish Telegraph Agency article (2012):


Both Lopatin and Weiss cited Chovevei’s warm relationship with the Orthodox Union, which has hundreds of member synagogues (including Young Israel affiliates). Most Chovevei pulput rabbis are at OU shuls. However, the OU’s executive vice president emeritus, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, went out of his way to note that the OU does not actually have any formal relationship with Chovevei.


The Jewish Week (2011):


Rabbi Weiss also downplays the acceptance issue. “It’s a narrow, parochial issue,” he said. “Many of our students are indeed on the OU [Orthodox Union] payroll [at member congregations]. I can’t say that’s one of our challenges because it’s not a reason why guys wouldn’t choose this program.”


Jewish Telegraph Agency (2009):


Here’s a note we got from YCT’s director of continuing rabbinic education and community programming, Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

More than a dozen YCT graduates proudly serve as rabbis and assistant rabbis in OU synagogues throughout the country. These include such prominent synagogues as Congregation Kehillath Jeshurun (NYC), East Denver Orthodox Synagogue (Denver, CO), Congregation Beth Shalom, (Potomac, MD), Kehillat Kesher (Engelwoood,NJ), Congregation Shearith Israel (Nashville, TN),Congregation Beth Israel (Berkeley, CA) and Congregation Beth Israel, the only Orthodox synagogue in the reemerging city of New Orleans, LA.

In addition, dozens of our graduates serve in other Orthodox pulpits, Hillel and day school positions. Moreover, two of our recent graduates are serving in the position of Jewish Learning Initiative (JLI) directors, a program sponsored by the OU for Orthodox students on campus, at Princeton University and Brandeis University. A 2009 YCT graduate will soon be taking on the position of director of JLI at Harvard University.

Our placement offices continue to receive more requests than we can fill as communities in the field recognize the outstanding qualities of our program and the many fine young YCT graduates who are entering the field to devote themselves to the Jewish people and Torah. These communities simply ignore misinformed and mean-spirited hearsay and gossip. A correction and an apology to the OU, YCT, its graduates and all those communities throughout the country is certainly in order.


via – The Online Voice of Torah Jewry

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