Israel’s Drift into Apartheid

The latest fury over Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s condemnation of Israel’s Zionist government as “an insult to all humanity” ignores the growing body of evidence that today’s Israel is evolving into an Apartheid state similar to the old South Africa, Nima Shirazi writes.

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One Response to “Israel’s Drift into Apartheid”

  1. Brian Cohen Says:

    This sorry attempt at “journalism” is nothing more than anti-Israeli racist claptrap.
    There is no apartheid in Israel. No separate beaches, no separate shopping, no separate universities, no separate hospitals, no separation laws.
    No nothing other than a thriving democracy surrounded by…yes, Arab apartheid states (where Jews and others are banned, not just discriminated against!).
    It’s sick and disgusting how normally “intelligent” people will repeat this Palestinian propaganda crap.

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