Happy New Year

May God watch over all our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Wishing the best 09 to you and yours from JewishHigh.com

Happy New Year!

2008 Year In Review

SimpleBits: “Not enough sleep.”

Why We Like Bibi

The man just makes sense. The first clip is really funny, he has the best answer to the interviewer’s “But Hamas was democratically elected”…

Second clip: Bibi Netanyahu on why “Any decent person should back Israel.”

Hamas Militants & Israeli Soldiers

What’s the difference between Hamas Militants & Israeli Soldiers? This simple illustration will help you figure it out…

Palestinian, Israeli Soldiers

Let’s Play Pretend

Take a moment and watch this powerful video:

Via: @DavidSaranga

Israel’s Iron Fist

Check out this video of some really cool new technology by Israel.

While Hamas is throwing rockets by hand, the Israeli military is unveiling high-tech weaponry like the new “Iron Fist”, capable of exploding a missile before it’s even reached its target. 

Via: TheObservers

“Death To All (Zionist) Juice”

Imagine if the guy could spell…

Death To All Juice

Via: @Mobius

Jelly Belly!

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly is coming to Israel! All our troubles are over.

“Israel Is Targeting Civilians”

YNet answers Israel’s critics:

RE: “Israel is targeting civilians”

You mean to say that “one of the most powerful armies in the world” has been bombing Gaza for days, deploying massive air power, dropping hundreds of bombs, and ultimately killing a grand total of 50 civilians or so in the “most crowded place on earth?”

There are two options here:

  • A) The Israeli army is not targeting civilians.
  • B) Israeli pilots suck.

We tend to go with option A.

Twitter + Middle East = TwiddleEast


Peace in Twiddle East? Not from the looks of this cool mashup of Twitter. Too bad I didn’t find this until after the Israeli Consulate Twitter Conference was over…

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