Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 26 Tammuz

Rav Nachman Bulman (1925-2002). His parents, Reb Meir and Ettel Bulman were Gerrer chasidim who had moved to the Lower East Side from Poland. Reb Meir had lost his first wife in childbirth and his second wife in a pogrom. He had also lost two children. In their 40s, the Bulmans received the Imrei Emes of Ger for a bracha for children. The result of that blessing was Nachman, who was born in New York. He attended Yeshivas Rabbenu Yitzchak Elchonon and then studied in its rabbinical program. He received semicha and a B.A. (in philosophy) from Yeshiva College. During the week, he learned in the Litvishe yeshiva way. On Shabbos and Yom Tov he absorbed the atmosphere of his parents’ Polishe shteibel with a love of chassidus. For years, he was also a frequent visitor at the tishin of the Modzitzer Rebbe, Rav Shaul Yedidya Taub. In 1950, Reb Nachman married Shaindel Freund, his aiyshes chayil for 52 years. He found a position in the town of Danville, Virginia, a small Orthodox community which consisted of about 30 families. He held the position for 3 years. From 1953-1954, Rabbi Bulman served as mashgiach in Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchonon. He was once again pulled to the world of rabbonus when he became rov in South Fallsburg, N.Y., in 1954. During this time, he founded the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY), together with Rabbis Weitman, Goodman, and Chait. His next position was as head of Adas Jeshurun synagogue in Newport News, Virginia, beginning in 1957. Rabbi Bulman then returned to his position as mashgiach in Yeshiva University from 1962-1963, and then worked for Torah Umesorah from 1963-1967. In 1967, he took his next rabbinical position as the rav of the Young Israel of Far Rockaway. During this time, he founded Sarah Schenirer High School and Seminary in 1968, and the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway (Yeshivas Derech Eison), and he taught in both places.

Rav Yechezkel Shraga of Shinev (Rav Sinai of Zhemigrod). (1870-1941) Rav Chaim of Sanz especially treasured his fourth son, Rav Baruch of Gorlitz, saying that a lofty soul such as his had not descended to the world for the past three hundred years. When he was fourteen, Rav Baruch married the daughter of Rav Yekusiel Yehudah Teitelbaum, the Yitav Lev of Sighet and a talmid of Rav Chaim Sanzer, and in 1870, Rav Sinai was born to the couple, in Rudnik. After reaching adulthood, Rav Sinai served as rav for several years in Gorlitz and Koloshitz, before taking over a permanent position in Zmigród, a scenic mountain town about 150 kilometers from Cracow, where Jews had lived since at least 1410. Zmigród had a relatively small community — a 1900 census records it having 1,240 Jews out of a total population of 2,249. Nowadays, this region of Austrian-controlled Galicia is part of Poland. He escaped the Nazis by fleeing to Lemberg, Galicia, but was exiled to Siberia by the Soviets. He did not survive the trip.

Today in History — 26 Tammuz

· Saladin’s army defeats Crusader army at Karnei Chittin, and signals beginning of the end for Crusader kingdom, 1187.
· A pope (Clement V?) banned forced baptism of Jews, 1345. This decree was overturned by subsequent popes in 1597 and 1747.
· The Baal Shem Tov and Rav Chaim HaCohen Rappaport, the rov of Lemberg (Lvov), overcame the Frankist cult in a public dispute, 1759.
· Napoleon decreed that all Jews of the French Empire must adopt family names, 1808.
· Adolf Hitler, yemach shemo, published his personal manifesto, Mein Kampf, 1925.
· Jews of Upina, Lithuania were executed by the Nazis, 1941.

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Musical Chairs: Israeli Cabinet Discusses Rotating Portfolios

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Kulanu party leader Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon discussed a number of cabinet rotations during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, 25 Tammuz. Rotations approved will go into effect following the Knesset’s summer recess. The rotation appears to include giving Kahlon and Welfare Minister (Likud) Chaim Katz additional authority, including matters […]

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Israel Leading a “Water Revolution” in Arid California

Having made the desert bloom and become a world leader in water management, Israel is now helping parched California solve its water problems.

At the Israel-California Water Conference this week, 24 Israeli companies offered water storage, management, treatment, recycling and leak detection solutions.

In December, Israel’s IDE Technologies opened the Carlsbad desalination plant north of San Diego. The facility is the biggest in the Western Hemisphere and provides 7% of San Diego County’s water needs.

David Steger — Israel

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Enemy of my enemy? Ex-Generals, Netanyahu critics and political opposites Barak and Ya’alon meet

Both men have attacked PM Netanyahu in recent weeks, with Ya’alon promising a return to front-line politics in time for the next election.

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Paul Has More Than $300,000 In Unpaid Campaign Bills

Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a tea party favorite known as an anti-debt crusader, has some leftover business to deal with from his failed presidential campaign — more than $300,000 in unpaid bills. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Rand Paul for President reported $301,108 in debts and $2,558 in cash on hand as of June […]

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Syria – Islamic State Calls On Members To Carry Out Jihad In Russia

Syria — Islamic State called on its group members to carry out jihad in Russia in a nine-minute YouTube video on Sunday. “Listen Putin, we will come to Russia and will kill you at your homes … Oh Brothers, carry out jihad and kill and fight them,” a masked man driving a car in the […]

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Gas Prices To Fall Under $6 A Gallon In Israel At Midnight

It is all relative for in Israel, there are smiles over the news that gasoline prices at midnight Monday night (Sunday to Monday) will drop 4.53% to NIS 5.69 a liter. Based on the Bank of Israel dollar exchange rate at the closing of the day Thursday, 22 Tammuz of NIS 3.82 to one US […]

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Watch: NYPD Officers Help Frum Man With Wedding Proposal at Fake Traffic Stop

Three NYPD cops staged a fake traffic stop to help 22-year-old Yehuda Coriat propose to 20-year-old Sorah Oppen in Queens last Wednesday after a friend — Boro Park Shomrim volunteer Yoel Tyrnauer — asked officers from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway to help the couple with the stunt.

The off-duty officers made up an accusation that they were transporting weapons and drugs in the car, and the officers made Sorah open the trunk, from which balloons popped out.

Yehuda then proposed. Sorah accepted.

May their wedding be b’shaah tovah umutzlachas.




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Photo Essay: Catskills – Children Of The Mei Menuchos Colony In South Fallsburg Bike-Riding (Photos by JDN)

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Carova, NC – 5-year-old Dies at Beach After Being Struck By Lightning

Carova, NC — Authorities say a 5-year-old boy on vacation with his family died after being struck by lightning on a North Carolina beach. According to WTVD-TV (, authorities say the family was on the beach Sunday in Carova at about 4 p.m. when the child was struck. The family put the boy in their […]

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